Online Contract Signing of Nigeria Adamawa 6000TPD Clinker Line Project and 50MW Power Plant Project

Release time:2020-08-07 09:46:31


CBMI and BUA Group signed the EPC contracts of Nigeria Adamawa 6000tpd Clinker Line Project and Sokoto 50MW Power Plant Project on 6th August, 2020. Due to the restrictions of epidemic conditions and the unavailability of international travel, the signing ceremony was hold on Internet, with online participants from Lagos, Abuja and Sokoto states of Nigeria, Beijing and Norway.

Mr. Tong Laigou, the Executive Director and Managing Director of CBMI Construction Co., Ltd, and Mr. Rabiu, the Chairman of BUA Group, signed these two Contracts. Senior management of both sides participated in this ceremony.


Mr. Rabiu praised the deep friendship and strong relationship of both sides, recognized CBMI’s high quality, O&M service and team work, thanked CBMI’s support. Mr. Tong Laigou thanked Mr. Rabiu and BUA Group for his trust and support, and expressed CBMI will as always provide superior service for BUA Group.

During the unstable international situation and serious epidemic condition, this Contracts signing is very precious and it’s a cardiotonic for both sides and the Nigeria cement industry. It furtherly strengthens good relationship of both sides and also testifies the localization and EPC+ strategy of CBMI.