CBMI Signed an EPC Contract with BUA Group for SOKOTO 3,000,000TPA Cement Plant Project

Release time:2019-01-15 18:20:33


Recently, CBMI has signed BUA SOKOTO 3,000,000TPA Cement Plant Project EPC Contract with BUA Group in Lagos, Nigeria. On behalf of the Parties, Mr. RABIU, the Chairman of BUA Group, and Mr. Tong Laigou, the Executive Director of CBMI, signed the contract respectively.

This EPC turnkey project is a complete clinker and cement production line with the contract scope from limestone crushing to cement packing and dispatching, which includes project design, civil construction, equipment supplies, installation, commissioning, training, etc.

This project successful signing is another strong cooperation after extensive cooperation over the years between CBMI and BUA Group, demonstrates once again the sufficient recognition and trust from the Employer, shows the mutual profound cooperative relations and certifies furtherly the acceptance of CBMI’s international market premium brand.

After the completion of this project, it will be the largest modern cement plant around the northern Nigeria and adjacent countries, and also it will strengthen the position in build materials industry and strongly push the improvement in Nigeria northern area infrastructure construction, economy development, employment and other aspects.

Several distinguished guests invited by BUA with BUA Group’s senior executives Mr. KABIRU RABIU, Mr. FINN, Mr. YUSUF BINJI, Mr. ALIYU, Mr. DEBO, and CBMI’s Vice General Manager Mr. Li Ming, Assistant General Manager Mr. Ma Aiguo, Director of Market Department Mr. Yang Zhi, Project Manager Mr. Tian Bao, Assistant Market Department Mr. Tian Han, Technical Manager Mr. Zhou Yabin, Director Engineer Mr. Zhang Qingmin, Commercial Manager Mr. Yin Yujie, who witness this Signing together.


                                                               (Editor: Tian Han    Reviewer: Ma Aiguo)