CBMI Uganda Branch Signed Contract with Simba Group for Refinery Project

Release time:2018-11-28 14:23:05

CBMI Uganda Branch Signed Contract with Simba Group for Refinery Project 1.jpg

November 9th, 2018, CBMI Uganda branch company signed the contract with Simba Group in the HO of Simba in Kampala for a civil package of one refinery factory in Tororo. The Uganda branch manager Mr. Ma Jingwei, Simba Group Board Director Mr. Patrick Bitature signed the contract on behalf of both parties. The deputy project manager Mr. Zhou Yougen and Simba Oil Company General Manager Ms. Abeir Elbashir attended the signature ceremony. 


Tororo Refinery Factory project is a deep processing production line project for annually handling 500,000tons crude oil that invested total about USD100million by Uganda Simba Group, this project completely uses equipments and standards from China. Uganda branch company won this bid together with the efforts from business development department through good performance and word-of-mouth, strong technology and construction organization outstanding among those bidders, and finally successfully signed the contract of civil construction package for some department of the factory.


This contract has significant meaning that it is the first order received after the branch company established in Uganda. The Uganda branch company will actively implement the Company’s localization operation strategy, take this execution of project as a chance to further enhance the cooperation relationship with Simba Group, and widely develop the multi-diversified business in Uganda for oil and power plant industries.